Benefits of Soy based Baby Formula

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Today many parents are researching into the healthy benefits of giving their babies soy based baby formula instead of milk based ones due to the increasing occurrence of lactose intolerance through out the world. If your little one is lactose intolerant, s/he may not be able to digest your breast milk well. Neither will your baby be able to process the proteins in a common milk-based formula.

According to studies, a soy based baby formula also has a higher calcium content compared to baby formulas which are made from cow’s milk. Parents with recorded bone-mass deficiency tend to trust soy based products compared to milk based ones because of this.

If you’re planning to raise your infant as a vegetarian, you’ll also appreciate the promising number of soy based baby formula products available in the market today. However, as a responsible parent, you need to make sure that the soy based baby formula you’re giving your infant is among the best ones in the market today.

Similac Isomil Advance Soy Formula

Mothers who feed their baby Similac Isomil Advance Soy Formula trust this brand because it helps to minimize common feeding difficulties like chronic gas problems and indigestion. This baby formula also has an exclusive blend of antioxidants and nutrients which are also found in breast milk.

Essentially, when you give your infant Similac, you’re not holding back on all the good things that most breastfed babies get from their moms. Unfortunately, not all babies can tolerate the lactose content found on breast milk and milk-based products. Fortunately for the parents of a lactose intolerant infant, Similac also provides these nutrients which are essential for their baby’s growth and development.


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Enfamil Prosobee Lipil

Enfamil is also a good alternative to breast milk if your infant is lactose intolerant. Also called Enfamil Premium, this soy-based product features Triple Health Guard. soy-based products have been used for more than 40 years and previous studies have shown that babies who take soy-based formulas have stronger immune systems compared to babies who’ve been breastfed or who’ve taken a milk-based formula.

When you give your infant Enfamil, you can be sure that his/her brain and eye development would be competitively faster compared to other children. Babies who have taken Enfamil also show similar growth patterns to breastfed babies, in general. You won’t have to worry about your baby being smaller than milk-fed children by the time that s/he is a toddler. Enfamil also contains essential prebiotics which aid your baby’s digestion.


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Gerber Good Start Supreme

Gerber Good Start Supreme boasts about “comfort proteins”. As we’ve said earlier, one of the primary problems with milk-based formulas is that it contains complex proteins that are difficult for infants to digest. Gerber Good Start Supreme is one of the easily digestible infant formulas available in the market today. This product is also in a concentrated liquid form which makes feeding easier for parents and babies who travel a lot.



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In summary, many people have been criticizing the benefits of soy-based formulas for babies. The fact is, soy-based formulas have been around for more than 40 years, and they have continued to produce promising children who have higher IQs and healthier immune systems compared to most. They have also been a great help for parents mulling over the difficulties of feeding a lactose-intolerant child. If your babies are also experiencing digestive problems because of ordinary milk products, you shouldn’t hesitate to give soy-based ones a try.